RE: OB (8 Track) v XB40 (mp3)

robbingham@xxxxxxxxx posts:
and tinus responds:

> > Besides the fact that an
> > ~Omnibender~ will be perfected in the next decade,
>I think many people overestimate the xb40. Everybody seems to think that
>with the xb40 they will be able to play chromatically easier than with

Limited harmonic knowledge and focus on studying this is what makes playing 
a chromatic instrument difficult.

The reason that I and many of us attained ANY level of musicality was 
BECAUSE of the diatonic harmonica. The lack of chromaticism that helped in 
the beginning has only hindered that musicality after a certain point in our 
development as musicians. I have played an XB40 prototype and it was OK. It 
will probably never play with the same physical feel as the extremely open 
and simple MB diatonic design. The XB40 is a DIFFERENT instrument and more 
expensive, just like a chromatic. I find it amusing that people will pay the 
money FOR A SET of XB40's, make promises to themselves to hone their bending 
skills and harmonic knowledge but they don't want to buy customized harps, 
learn to OB and hone their harmonic knowledge. (did anyone notice a common 

- ----Most of us like the diatonic for what it is, not what it isn't.
  -chordal, free-blowing, easy tweak & repair, chromatic, bendable for notes 
& expression.

>Overblowing is just as difficult as bending and the main challenge is
>intonation. Intonation is also the main obstacle in bending and will
>also be a big problem in the xb40.
> > there is the fact that if you care so much about
> > playing chromatically, you could play a chromatic.
>You could yes, but you wouldn't want to would you.
ONLY when I want to! but if I had to choose to pick one forever--It would be 
a short harp.

> > Better do it cause you like to. The technique is the
> > 8-track of techniques.

>I think it will be around much longer than you think.
>Playing techniques don't disappear that easily.

Judging from the bending prowess of a large portion of diatonic players 
(combined with their limited harmonic knowledge) the MB and all of its 
cousins will be around for quite awhile. Yes, overblown and underblown!
I predict that once there are a few million XB40's out there for a couple of 
years, we will be hearing the same argument of, "why don't you just play 
CHROMATIC?" (the one with the slide, the one that Bill Barrett makes sound 
so ballsy)

Thanks for allowing my rant,
Michael Peloquin

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