RE: Jazz Vs Overblows?

> Besides the fact that an
> ~Omnibender~ will be perfected in the next decade,

I think many people overestimate the xb40. Everybody seems to think that
with the xb40 they will be able to play chromatically easier than with

Overblowing is just as difficult as bending and the main challenge is
intonation. Intonation is also the main obstacle in bending and will
also be a big problem in the xb40.

> there is the fact that if you care so much about
> playing chromatically, you could play a chromatic.

You could yes, but you wouldn't want to would you.

I mean you could if you could stand the sound, but I would sooner stop
playing all together (and that is not meant to offend, it is a matter of

> Better do it cause you like to. The technique is the
> 8-track of techniques.

I think it will be around much longer than you think.
Playing techniques don't disappear that easily.


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