Re: Advanced techniques and attitudes...

>From: "Mike Curtis" <ironman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>While I'm sure a few people use advanced techniques for egotistical
>purposes, I can assure you that most musicians who take the time to learn
>and actually put forth the effort to master them do it out of a love of
>music, and/or advancing harmonica and the artform.

This is so true for all musicians -- not just harmonica players.

Like others, I've had the pleasure of playing with some great musicians, and 
I've played with some who weren't.

Nine times out of ten, the people who were most willing to put in rehearsal 
time to tighten up arrangements or learn new material were the more advanced 

And, sadly, some of the players I've dealt with who didn't want to rehearse 
because we were "good enough" for a particular club, were the mediocre ones.

Of course this makes sense when you think about it. Great musicians become 
great through diligence and hard work and open-mindedness.

Mediocre ones stay mediocre because they don't exert themselves and they 
reject new ideas.

>There are much easier ways to bolster a sagging ego than hard work.

Considering how much work is required to put a band together and keep it 
working, even part-time, it's easier and probably cheaper to go out and buy 
an expensive car if you want a quick ego boost.


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