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I can't answer any of the other questions, but I have transcribed a 
fair number of his solos. Being that a majority of them are his own 
compositions, I am sure that if I set out to publish them, I would 
hear from his legal representatives, but not necessarily from the man 


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Time for my annual Stevie Wonder rant:

Why hasn't a comprehensive book of Stevie Wonder harmonica tab been 
published?   Yes I
know a few songs are available here and there.   But why aren't all 
of his major harp
solos tabbed and available in one book?

Why has the world's pre-eminent pop harmonica player chosen to 
completely ignore the
harmonica community?  No personal appearances at SPAH or any other 
harmonica event, no
interviews with any harmonica publication, no "Stevie Wonder" brand 
chromatic harp, no
duets with Toots Theilsman.  I could go on and on about the things 
Stevie HASN'T done
regarding the harmonica.

I've asked many times before whether it might be SPAH's fault.   Has 
SPAH ever offered
to give him a lifetime achievment award?  

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