Re: Stevie Wonder

At 10:30 19/07/2003 -0700, jazmaan wrote:
>Time for my annual Stevie Wonder rant:


>Why has the world's pre-eminent pop harmonica player chosen to completely 
>ignore the harmonica community?  No personal appearances at SPAH or any 
>other harmonica event, no interviews with any harmonica publication, no 
>"Stevie Wonder" brand chromatic harp, no duets with Toots Theilsman.  I 
>could go on and on about the things Stevie HASN'T done regarding the harmonica.
>I've asked many times before whether it might be SPAH's fault.   Has SPAH 
>ever offered to give him a lifetime achievment award?

Stevie Wonder is surrounded by a pretty impenetrable screen of people!
One of SPAH's ambitions has always been to get him to the convention. It 
would have to be a freeby, no way could we afford his fees!!

However, if a star does not recognize an organization or communicate with 
it should that organization honour him???

The day we can get a dialogue with Stevie Wonder going we shall give him a 
Lifetime Achievement Award... he is an exceptional person with an 
astounding number of great pieces of music to his credit. He is also a 
player with a unique sound and musical approach(much copied but his is the 
original... he was like that at 12 for goodness sake!!!)

If anyone has a reasonable idea of how we can persuade him that 2004 or 
2005 is the year for him to honour the harmonica World by coming to the 
SPAH convention then that will be the year we can respond.   AND, what an 
astounding event it could be!

Thanks, Jazzman, for bringing this up... you are right, it is time!

Douglas Tate
President ... SPAH 

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