My visit to Boulder

This week I visited Boulder, CO.  What an incredibly nice place and the
people are so nice.  Whenever I visit a town I look for open mics.  Usually
the phone call goes like this, "Hi, I hear you have an open mic tonight."
First, the guy on the phone has to ask someone else if this is the case,
then he says "Yeah, that's right."  Then you go through 20 yes/no questions
trying to find out anything else. In Boulder, the guy on the phone
immediately says, " Yeah, that's right.  The house band starts at 9:00pm for
a set, jammers
get up around 10:00pm.  But, be sure to sign in early. Sign up is at 8:30
pm.  What instrument do you play?"

I had the good fortune to meet Ken Mergentime at the Boulderado Hotel for
the open mic.  It was very well run by Russ and Kyle (I think).  Russ builds
his own amps (Russtech), so every one had an amp to use, in case they didn't
have there own.  I used Ken's Fender Blues Junior.  It had a very nice tone,
being unfamiliar with it, I think I didn't really optimize the settings.
When Ken got up to play it sounded great. He really has his Chicago chops
well honed.  Thanks Ken for the hospitality.  I'll let you know when I'm
back in town.

Best Regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt

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