Re: Dying art form was Re: Jazz on diatonic

> But, on the "Dying Art form" portion of this thread, I submit that it
> be difficult for the astute Jazz or *Popular-music* fan to name many of
> those well-known (to us Harmonica Enthusiasts) players - But SW's name
> probably occur to most listeners.

I have never met anybody who doesn't know Toots Thielemans, and he is a jazz
harmonica player.

Everybody I have ever told I play harmonica and am trying to learn jazz has
always come up with the same question "Like Toots?".

It then takes me a while to explain that I play diatonic, but I can assure
you where I am from everybody knows at least one jazz harmonica player.

Most people are not aware of the fact that Stevie Wonder plays the
harmonica, they think he sings.

Overblows and Overdraws on the Diatonic Harmonica.
Scale and Chord finder for the harmonica and all alternative tunings.

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