RE: Dying artform [offlist]

> From: Douglas Tate

> You actually have a very active harmonica player in the San Diego
> district
> who organises a festival to raise money for harmonicas for kids every
> year.  He is usually attached to this list.  Harmonica John... do
> you know
> him??

Harmonica John Frasier is a very active proponent of the harmonica in San
Diego, and a Mentor (at least!) to many local Players. I bet everybody in
San Diego knows him!

John and Chet Cannon and a some others organize the "Spring Harp Fest" in La
Mesa every year.
- -It's a fun, all day, Harmonica-Centric event that benefits local charities,
such as the "Blues in the Schools" program and The San Diego Girls Club.
Spring Harp fest is in it's 4th year. If you're in San Diego on Easter
weekend, it's worth the price of admission! (Free)

John plays locally with his band "The Blues Buddies".

Chet and his band "The Commitee" also gig locally and host local Blues Jams.

I've had the pleasure of meeting, talking with, and even playing music with
John and Chet -they're great guys.

Although San Diego doesn't have an "official" Harmonica Club, or SPAH
chapter, we have a warm and welcoming community of Players, most of whom
seem to be attached to the local "blues scene".

- -Scorcher

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