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>>(-Scorcher-, et. al.)

   I wasn't going to comment on this, but; there are numerous reasons 
why Chord & Bass (Harmonetta to some extent) are dying art forms. 
Bear with me

   I belong to a group known as the Ft. Myers Harmonica Club. Most of 
the members are older than I (I am 60). Same thing when I belonged to 
"Steel Valley" (Youngstown Ohio)

1...Last night, while at a 70 yr old members house (for a 
"play-around"), I found that an 80 yr old member had given his GOOD 
Chord to the 70 yr old host.

2...The 70 yr old host already has a couple.

3...A couple yrs ago I put out the word that I was looking for a DECENT Chord.

4...There are no less than 6 Chord players in the club. 5 are NOT in 
good shape. There are a DOZEN Chord harmonicas among them.

5...These dozen Chords are in various states of "Decrepitness" BUT 
are mostly played in "C" and so the "other" 45 chords (out of 48) are 
probably OK.

6...It could take a LIFETIME to play the Chord (Well).

7...There doesn't seem to be a money problem with these older 
gentlemen. They can GIVE away a Chord instead of selling it. OR, sell 
it for damn cheap.

8...A NEW Chord is $1,080.samoleons. Farrell can get you one for 
$720. A FINE used one will run at least $480. For $320. you MIGHT get 
one that plays. For those of you who are good with math, you will 
notice that these figures decrease at a rate of 2/3rds.

9...Same thing with the Bass, I know a fellow down here (65 and 
DOESN't play one), who picked up a Bass from another gentleman (75), 
for "Peanuts".

10..Some fellows are "stripping" these things off of E-Bay. I know 
one fellow who has purchased about a dozen OLD 64 chromatics. 
(Everyone has been re-built). Apparently they can afford to bid high 
enough to get the prize. Either that, OR they have enough experience 
(and wisdom) at THEIR age, to know how.

11..Same fellow recently purchased a Harmonetta (Mint).???

12..A youngster (under 30) has a hard time finding (or to put it more 
correctly..AFFORDING) a NEW, MINT, FINE, or even GOOD 
Chord/Bass/Harmon., as even $320.oo represents about a MONTH's 
groceries (for SOME people).

13..IF ONLY the "older" gentlemen are "sucking" up these instruments 
and there aren't any alternatives for the "younger" gentlemen to get 
one (except NEW), it's only going to get worse. AND, most Chord/Bass 
players have MORE than one.

14..George Miklas (Chord AND Bass with Jerry Murad) had to wait YEARS 
for a Chord. To pass the time, he made a "fake" chord out of two 
pieces of "furring strip", (with hinges and all), and numbered the 
chords onto it. He practiced with this till he could afford the real 
thing. Wow, what a "fanatic" huh?

15.."Harmonica Chaz Henderson" passed away. When I inquired about his 
Chord, I was told that it went to "Valhalla" WITH HIM. His spare was 
so whipped, you would have to "Paint it" to burn it.

16..I prefer to buy a Chord from a "source" I trust and so haven't 
considered E-Bay. Since Chord players are a small group and all know 
each other, I would rather deal "face to face". Plus, Chord/Bass have 
a "cult" status and (usually) delt under the table or on 

17..Several Chord players I have approached as to if they had a chord 
they might consider selling, met with "There's NO reason for me to 
sell one of my "Babies", I DON't need the money"

18..Beings that the average age for a white(olive) male in this 
country is 78.5 yrs life span, I am NOW to the point whereas I don't 
think I have enough time left in which to practice. I wouldn't JUST 
want to "suck", I would prefer to be able to handle some music with 

19..I COULD have bought a new Chord except I didn't want to put out 
$720. for something and then have it sit around * IF * I developed 
L.O.I. (lack o' interest)

20..I know a fellow who has 5 (count em-5) Harmonettas. 3 are NIB 
(new in box), still wrapped. He won't part one for any amount of 

  So, it's a I quit looking...........................smo-joe


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