Re: There's no fool...

At 03:02 29/08/1970 -0400, the Leones wrote:
I use 400 and 800 grit... it's a Brit thing :)

>>Douglas t
>    I use's a "Cheap" thing..........smo-joe......P.S. why buy TWO?

When you are doing only fine tuning a single grade is fine. When setting up 
a plate from scratch and maybe taking a reed a semitone or tone away from 
it's natural pitch I uses a coarser grit paper.  I use the finer paper to 
get a better finish finally.

BTW, I always wash the reed plates before doing final checking in order to 
get all grit and brass dust off the reeds... can make a difference to the 
tuning. Then into the washer again to stop customer from catching all of 
the nasties I have accumulated over the years :))


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