RE: Dying artform

At 11:16 17/07/2003 -0700, scorcher wrote:
> > Dennis - that's GREAT - I'm in - let's all "subvert" our local
> > musician friends and turn 'em into "believers"!
> >
> > Is this something SPAH could help materially with? Harmonica
> > subsidies, grants, classes, etc.?

Practical problems.
The best person to arrange local classes is YOU.   Have you counted the 
cities in the USA... think what an administrative nightmare  organizing 
such classes would be for a volunteer organization.

Grants and Harmonica Subsidies.?  All monies for the good works which SPAH 
does ( usually in the field of education which is where the future lays) 
come from member's yearly membership fees.

Quite a bit of my time as Pres of SPAH goes to pointing people to good 
traders, or clubs where they can get a good deal.  We get nothing back.

As a matter of interest... are YOU a member? :))  95% or more of all the 
requests for info which I answer result in (a) no email of thanks and a 
lack of interest in joining the organization which helped.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.    The more people who support 
organizations such as SPAH and buy magazines such as The Harmonica Educator 
and American Harmonica Newsmagazine, or join clubs, the more the things you 
want can happen.

All clubs, magazines etc are run by a very few dedicated people who give 
freely of their time... none make any money out of it.  Guard these 
resources by joining and buying etc.

OK... having given the lecture ... :))  How would you go about getting 
funds together or organizing such a fund gathering and distribution 
network  Scorcher??   Seriously.

Douglas tate
President ... SPAH 

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