Re: There's no fool...

Thanks Tim
Haven't come across that tuner.. have to try it.

I use 400 and 800 grit... it's a Brit thing :)

Douglas t

At 17:27 17/07/2003 +0000, Tim Moyer wrote:

>Mike wrote:
> > I'm struggling with the repair idea and have lots of info, thanks
> > to the list.  I am thinking about getting the fifty dollar reed
> > tuner, from Farrell.  Is this a good one?
>In my humble opinion, save your money.  I do the vast majority of my
>tuning with a folded piece of 320 grit emory paper.  If you want to
>spend your money on something, get a Lee Oskar toolkit, it's worth
>the money for the pick and the chisel and the instruction booklet.
> > And can a blind guy use it, or do I need to brow beat my son for
> > help?
>If you're literally blind, you might have some problems reading a
>tuner.  I recently got a Korg OT-12 Orchestral Tuner that has a nice
>feature called "sound back".  You play a note, it finds the closest
>note to within a semitone, and sounds it back to you in pitch.  You
>can use this to tune your reference notes by the beats.  Once you
>have good reference pitches you can tune the harp to itself.
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