<for sale> Lee Oskar Parts / SP 20 Batch

Not posted on the site: Respond OFF-LIST

Always, free shipping inside the cont. USA
Paypal & Postal Money Order accepted!

Lee Oskar batch only $50
4- sets of: Combs, coverpates and reedplates pulled apart for whatever
13 Lee Oskar Harmonicas in many keys. More than 1/2 guarenteed to play great

Special 20 Batch $22
11- Special 20's. Some work, some don't. All were put to the side for some

Note: I also got a killer early 60's 520 Green Bullet for sale! I put a HOT
new Crystal - Astatic 151 element inside, added the 5/8 screw-on connector
and am selling it for a low $110 (you wont find a compairable mic near this
price). The mic is on my site, and if you buy it and say your from Harp-l, I
will sell it for $98 (I pay shipping in US).

Vince Cheney

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