Re: Dying artform

mojo red wrote...
<< However, I think the best way to integrate these
 harps into modern music is to.... use them!  >>

i think mojo pretty much nailed it.  you can sit around waiting for someone 
to do it, or you can be that someone.

scorcher wrote...
<<What I'd really love to see (& participate in)is a "Harmonica-centric"
band. -Not a harmonica band that excludes other instruments, not a
"Big-Band", "Oldies" or other format that plays music that's not "popular"
any more. One that features many different Harmonica sounds / textures with
other instruments - strings, keys, even (gasp!) percussion!
I think that to promote the (other-than-blues) harmonica (in it's many
varied forms) we need to integrate it into music that "folks want to hear".>>

definitely, i think.  especially if you want to reach people.  imagine 
various harps taking the place of certain synth parts, or horn parts...or whatever.

although it's mostly diatonic harp, check out madcat's harmonicology album on 
what can happen with several harp parts, bass, and percussion.  of course, 
there are so many roads to take...

steven j gatorman

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