Re: Harmonica range - and tremolo harp bending

John K wrote, in part:

>After reading the many posts by Winslow and others on this, I pulled out
>my Yamaha Band "Super"  harp, which is more on the thickness of the
>discete comb (which I also have) than some of the tremelo harps.
>  Bending was extremely easy,

Do you find that you get more volume with the discrete comb vs/ tremolo?
I have no trouble bending on my tremolos, I just don't find it all that 
useful musically, in the context of what else I do on the tremolo. (And 
that is mostly a matter of personal style/taste/technique).

This discussion has reminded me that I have wanted to try a discrete comb, 
I'll have to get it back on my wish list. I'm just wondering what to 
expect. Winslow, feel free to weigh in. (like I need to say that...)

p.s. On my Suzuki tremolos, the comb is about ~7mm thick (between the 
plates), with ~0.5mm horizontal divider, and ~1mm vertical dividers. Is the 
Yamaha substantially thicker than that? Wood or plastic?

Thanks all,

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