Fwd: Does such a harmonica exist?

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 17:43:44 -0000
From: "Winslow Yerxa" <winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Fwd:  Does such a harmonica exist?

It's called a MIllioniser, invented by Walt Miller (aka Walt Mueller)
of Switzerland.


Hi there Matthew,
I think its worth mentioning that the Millioniser was initially intended as a
chromatic harmonica, in that it has 12 holes and an electronic switch that works
as the "slide".
Also that the Millioniser whilst a great idea and pretty cool for its age, has
some limitations. Such as being a monophonic instrument (like the original
Moogs!), there is only one blow/draw breath sensor which you move across the
instrument with your mouth to choose each note.

It is possible to reprogram it with altered tuning layouts, although I don't
know whether this is done in a user friendly fasion.

I believe a Europian chap by the name of Wim Dijkgraaf reprogrammed his
Millioniser to work in an Augmented chromatic layout.  He has a review on Danny
Wilson's website:
Walter Miller's page appears to have been renamed or removed from Art Daane's

I think it would be wonderful if a small range of MIDI harmonica using the
latest technology enabling polyphonic playing, expression & bends by breath and
an easy to retune to different layouts and/or fine tunings would be an excellent

In a different vien TurboDog aka Doctor Antaki is in the final stages of
developing the equivent to the electric diatonic harmonica complete with
independant reed pickups with a number of choice features.

Doctor Antaki's website:

Once this is out and complete, there are a number of interesting MIDI tools on
the market intended for guitars that ~might~ with some modification may be able
to be adapted for Doctor Antaki's product - if so that would open a big world of
MIDI musical tools.  Maybe something more specific will be designed in time.

There is already an "electric harmonica" on the market, except it has only a
single pickup built into the back of the comb which is a very different design
from what Doctor Antaki has come up with.

The 'arp website, haRmonic Solutions

And having written all this I realised I could've just linked to Pat Missin's
webpage on the subject:


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