Re: XB-40s on ebay?

The suggested list price from Hohner on these are $90 per harp or $1,170 for 
a set of 13.  Buyer beware.

In a message dated 7/14/03 9:56:59 AM, wmharps@xxxxxxxxx writes:

>Has anyone else seen this:
>This person (with 0 feedbacks) claims to be selling a set of XB-40 "Extreme
>Benders" in "all 13 Keys A, Ab, B, Bb, C, C#, D, Low D, Low E, Low Eb,
>Low F, 
>Low F# and G" with free shipping anywhere in the world.  The opening bid
>this set is $700 and there is a reserve (seller claims retail price is
>Does someone have a set of these?  I thought they weren't available yet,
>were going to be made available in only a few keys at first.

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