Re: Harmonica range - and tremolo harp bending

After reading the many posts by Winslow and others on this, I pulled out 
my Yamaha Band "Super"  harp, which is more on the thickness of the 
discete comb (which I also have) than some of the tremelo harps. 
 Bending was extremely easy, with just the technique Winslow mentioned. 
 Incidentally, and my reason in posting, I think this is a harp worth 
searching out, as it has 23 holes doubled (why 23? ), and has sort of 
the layout of a chromatic with no slide (but with some changes that can 
be dealt with pretty easily).  Works very well for 3rd position blues, a 
really full sound when you play octaves, and with the bending capability 
it has a bonus.  I have no idea if these are currently being made; I got 
mine from ebay after seeing a friend performing with one.  Anyone else 
play around with these? 

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