Re: Does such a harmonica exist?

>From: "Matthew Bullis" <matthewbullis@xxxxxxxxxx>

>Hello, long shot, but just wondering if such a harmonica exists? I got the
>idea when I purchased electronic bagpipes. You place your fingers on the
>nodes of the device, and play the machine that way, not using your mouth at
>all. Since it's electronic, it offers the unique ability to switch keys,
>depending on how you set the machine, something real bagpipes can't do. My
>question then is: does such a harmonica exist, or could be made, that would
>be electronic, in such a way that you could play it normally like you would
>any harmonica, but by setting an option in the machine itself, switch harp
>keys without taking it out of the neck rack, or taking time to get another
>harp? If it doesn't exist, then here are the things I think would present
>such a challenge to the maker: Could the reeds be electronically sensitive
>so that they would sense the bending of a note, and would they be as
>responsive as regular reeds, because the actual reeds would not be of a
>specific key. They would be sensors inside the unit. All this speculation
>would be for a diatonic harmonica, since I have no experience with the
>chromatic models at this time. Just thought I'd throw this question out
>Thanks a lot.

Sounds scary to me.  think I'll carry on struggling with what I've got.

Steve Shaw

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