Hi Folks,

Stand by for some brief spam:

I have made some technical improvements to the Hands-Free_Chromatic (HFC)
and the Ergonomic Neck Rack (ENR).  I have a new set of pictures and
information to share with anyone interested.

If  you have ever had the urge to play CHROMATIC HARP one-man-band style
with guitar, other fretted instrument, vibraphone, or keyboard; then you
should know about the capabilities of the HFC. The HFC can possibly help you
to make music even with impaired use of your hands.

Email, call, or write for a detailed description including testimonials,
pictures and prices. I will be at SPAH if you want to see a demonstration or
"kick the tires."

Vern Smith
3424A Calle Azul, Laguna Woods, CA 92653

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