Re: Band Finances

For Clarity:

You don't have to 1099 your band members unless each individual member was 
paid $600 or over from a particular club or event...something not very 
likely to occur for us part-timers.  How many guys are in the band?  Let's 
say 4 and you divide the income equally...if you're 1099'ed by a club for 
$2000, you would list the $2000 as your income, and deduct $1500 as wages, 
leaving you the $500 to match your expenses against, and pay taxes on what's 
left, if anything.

The best way to handle this IS to have a club 1099 each band member 
separately, esp if it's a place you play alot.  Hope this helps.

Brantt "Hambone" Hamilton

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