Re: chord harmonicas site

Chord Harmonica Players,

I checked out the web site that is in French. The article on the chord 
harmonica is by John Broecker, who writes a column in The Harmonica Educator called, 
"The Chord Harmonica: Musicianship and Performance Skills." He has been 
writing this column since the Winter 2001 issue.

Also, I have another column called, "The 48-Chord Harmonica: Chord 
Substitutions for Written Chords." These are chords from the key of C to the key of B. 
Each issue has a specific musical key and the associated chords for the musical 
key up to the 13th chord. I spell out each chord of the written chords  and 
also the chord substitution chords on the 48-chord harmonica. There is also a 
diagram of the 48-chord with each chord spelled out in the diagram. 

For those chord players, who want to know more about the chord, you can 
subscribe to this publication. Contact me, and I will email you a list of contents 
for the back issues and current Summer 2003 issue.

Richard Martin
Editor and Publisher

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