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If you play it in 4th position, that M7 is a 6Db.

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> Mark.Crowley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> << one overblow,,,, one bloody overblow... i don't believe it....:
>  thanks anyway for the guys that put golden nugget studio together...
> some great stuff if you have never been there.
>  looks like i won't be getting up for this gig..
>  how bad does a CX 12 feel in yr mouth when coming straight from
> is it "that" big and cumbersome?? >>
> without looking at the music, mightn't an alternatively tuned diatonic
> this occured to me the other day when i was practicing "the work song" in
> second position, and i realized that a country tuned harp would allow me
to hit
> that major 7th (is that what it is?), without the overblow.
> not to dissuade you from pursuing the chromatic...but the learning curve
> might be a lot shorter.
> steven j gatorman
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