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Actually, Coast to Coast has a pretty good section on the tuning 
layouts of tremolo and octave harps from several manufacturers. Only 
three problems: (1) they describe several tunings as "solo" tunings 
which are not, (2) they misuse my trade name "Discrete Comb" as a 
generic term (I've been meaning to have a chat with them about that), 
and (3) No ranges are given - high or low (C or D instruments can be 
either, possibly F as well).


I'm also not coming up with tuning layouts for orchestral models. 
Neither the U.S. nor the German Hohner websites gives a clue - I 
think they used to.


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Is there a resource on the www that details the range (scale, notes,
tuning) of "other" types of harmonicas?
I'm pretty familiar with most diatonics (10, 12, 14 hole) and
chromatics (12, 14, 16 hole), but I'm looking for
more detailed information on Tremolos, Octaves, and "orchestral"

I haven't found the information I'm looking for in any of the "usual"
places; Coast2Coast, FR Farrell, HohnerUSA, HarpOn, Mike Will's page,


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