Re: harmonica ranges

JP said:

>   AND, my favorite method, if you google for "harp-l"
> "range" and whatever type harp you're looking at (i.e.
> "tremolo") you might hit a post by Winslow Yerxa that,
> as usual, explains it all ;).

Thanks, JP. (I was actually hoping for a response from Winslow on this
one ;-)).

What got me going on this was reading on the Coast 2 Coast site about
the new Suzuki Baritone Tremolo and the Alto Single Orchestral
Harmonica. They're too expensive for my budget, but I've been thinking
about a Hohner Vinettea, or something like this - just so I can try
something fun and different the next time I'm playing in a casual
environment. I'm really drawn to the deeper tones (like the low octave
of my 16-holer), so the Baritone looked interesting. -Besides, blues
on a 'tonic is not ALL I'm interested in playing...

(Maybe I'll have to try a Didgeridoo)

I sure wish one of those guys with the cool websites would detail ALL
the available harmonicas ranges, notes, etc. (Hell, I'd do it myself,
if I could find the info - SOMEBODY would want to read it!). FR
Farrell has quite a lot of info in their paper catalogue, but it
doesn't extend to orchestral stuff.

Anyway, thanks for the "google" suggestion - I'll work on it when I
have time.

- -Scorcher

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