norton buffalo and roy rogers and paul delay

Well, Y'all can just sit there and drool. I had a near front row seat at the
Paul Delay, Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers show in the Roseburg Oregon "half
Shell" tonight. It was just awesome. All the stuff I heard talked about on
this list I heard DONE tonight. 

The Paul Delay band started the night. I got to see the ball mike (green
bullet? maybe?) used by him, and found out what you all mean by the mike and
amp making such a difference. WoW!!! sometimes I couldn't believe it was a
harp... it sounded like an organ, then a sax, then the devil growling in
hell.... Paul has this gutsy bluesy voice that I really liked. I heard him
doing throat vibrato on the harp.  It was so - genuine.  
The pianist really brought the house down with his own brand of boogie,
great vocals too.  The bass guy used a 5 string bass - you all have probably
seen it but I didn't know there was such a thing.  The lead/rhythm guitarist
was sweet, light touch and complimented Paul perfectly.  

Then Buffalo and Rogers came on at half time.  They played alone. No bass or
rhythm or drums, just the 2 of them making more sound than seemed possible.
Norton switched back and forth between chromatic and diatonic constantly, it
was just amazing. Rogers played 4 different guitars through the performance,
and used the slide much of the time.  His fingers were like swarming wasps
over the frets, touching lightly and faster than the eye could follow.  He
did a bit of every style I have ever heard, from Piedmont blues to chicago
stuff to some stuff that was mostly chiming - the most amazing chimes.
Buffalo's last song to his grandpa made me cry. I didn't want the night to
end. I was in heaven...
 As you can tell, I had a good time.  Just sign me...


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