Re: Kim Wilson's Momentum Playing


  I am wearing it out also. My fave is You put the hurt on me.  Nice Ab 3rd
position stuff.

 I also like I'm tired of living hand to mouth.


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> just got the new wilson album today, and i'm listening to it as i type.
> favorite solo wilson is that's life, and i think this is as good as that.
> harp is, as you would expect, great.  the covers are top notch (he always
> picks great covers), the singing looser than ever, and i've gotta admit,
> songwriting seems to be stronger than in the past.
> i must confess, that as i near the end of the album, my favorite cut is
> first track, "looking for trouble II", which is the rock&roll version.  it
> of reminded me of something lester butler would've cut.  i would not have
> been upset if had he pursued that direction, but what's here is still
> steven j gatorman
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