jazz (I think?) - Black Orpheus - Blue Bossa - Meditation -


diatonic only here - as yet-

not OB competent at all - still working on control of Blowbends - (currently working thru Mike Stevens Bluegrass book)

"aware" of different positions -  know they exist and where to start the scales from

can pick out tunes from sheet music - but don't drop it in front and expect me to play straight off

anybody with experience with the tunes :

Black Orpheus - Blue Bossa - Meditation - 

will be given some sheet music for them but this is very different stuff to me. am being emailed recordings tonight.

If it's possible to get thru the basic melodies on a diatonic - or even switching between different ones during the tune - I'll be happy.

This is to accompany a single guitarist - will do my best to pull off whatever I can - if the notes are beyond my diatonic range  then I'll have to let the whole thing pass.

any tips/ experiences greatly appreciated.

i think this is going to be way beyond me at present but want to try


i guess this is the time to start looking at learning chromatic

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