RE: marking/carrying your harps

Ron says:
> On the subject of marking harps, I don't know if this has been
touched on by anyone.....I use glow-in-the-dark paint from any number
of sporting goods outlets (Cabela's, for instance).  It's primarily
used for gun sights and 'a little dab 'll do ya'.
> First, however, I take .25" metal letter stamps, heat them up, and
literally "brand" my harps, just like you would a steer or other
livestock.  Wood or plastic, it doesn't matter.  Then, using a
toothpick, I paint the grooves of the letters with the glow paint.

You ought to get SOME kind of reward for that one. That's definitely
the MOST EXTREME solution I've heard!

First you BRAND the little suckers...then you put "radio-active" paint
in their wounds! COOL!

Seriously, I gotta try this one... I'm off to the gun store, y'all!

- -Scorcher

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