RE: Autograph (WAS: Mark Your Harps)

> Ray Beltran wrote:
>  >
>  >New "Metallic Ink" Sharpie great for marking harmonicas for easy
>  >identification. And it lasts forever...
> and  bobg@xxxxxxxxx replied
> << I'll agree it's great for ID'ing, but if you're talking about
marking on
>  plastic or metal, try wiping it with isopropyl alcohol, or any
Sharpie ink
>  for that matter, and see how "permanent" it is!  [If it's on wood,
>  better indelibility.] >>

I recently marked all my harps with a fine point Uchida "Opaque paint
marker" and was initially quite happy with the results.
Then, yesterday, I noticed that the marking is rubbing off several off
my SP 20 harmonicas that get carried a lot.
Here's the question...
I used a larger version of the same kind of marker 2 weeks ago to get
Charlie Musselwhite's autograph
on the case for my Chro... Does anyone know how to preserve this kind
of marking? Can I seal it with some kind of clear polyurethane or
something? (Not on the harps - I'm worried about "losing" Charlie's

- -Scorcher

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