Re: Mark Your Harps

At 04:13 PM 7/7/2003 -0700, Ray Beltran wrote:
>New "Metallic Ink" Sharpie great for marking harmonicas for easy key
>identification. And it lasts forever...

I'll agree it's great for ID'ing, but if you're talking about marking on
plastic or metal, try wiping it with isopropyl alcohol, or any Sharpie ink
for that matter, and see how "permanent" it is!  [If it's on wood, probably
better indelibility.]

Works about like WD-40 on adhesive gunk.  [Man, I was glad to learn that!] ;)

BTW, if you ever get felt pen ink on clothing or something, try the alcohol
before laundering or bleach.  Same all goes for the Sanford metallic pens
that I've used for such things since the 80's; but I'm glad Sharpie has
come out with their own ... hopefully better.  [Sharpie has infiltrated our
culture like Velcro, hasn't it?]  :) 

Watch eBay for my new household hints book...........  NOT.

Harp forward!!!
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