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> I have used air to lessen the smell and Tung oil to
> seal the wood which also diminishes the smell.  Oil
> of Wintergreen is also a great replacement smell that
> will not hurt the wood.  The Tung oil is a great
> treatment as oil fills cells of the wood and keeps
> most of the condensation from your breath out of those
> same cells.  Let any oil treatment dry for a day at
> least to be safe to use without fumes .

This is the second time in recent days this oil has been recommended 
on a harmonica forum.  While it's a marvelous oil for sealing wood 
when refinishing furniture and such, it also comes from a tree of 
which all parts are toxic.  I don't think it's considered to be as 
downright deadly poisonous as it once was, but I would nevertheless 
not choose to use it on anything I would be spitting and sucking on.  
The nuts are supposedly the most toxic part of the tree, and that's 
where the oil comes from.

A couple of cents from someone who lives in the one region of the 
country where this Chinese import continues to be grown as a cash 
crop mainly for the furniture industry.  There are remnants of old 
Tung groves, [same with Pecans,] dotting the landscape all around 
Tallahassee.  Many yards have an old Tung tree or two still thriving 
there.  Or a Pecan. ;)

I also still say oil and harmonicas are a poor mix for a number of 
reasons already discussed on lists many times.  Just be careful, 


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