Fw: Suggestions for Practicing Half-steps in Three Hole Draw?

- ---Jp asked me to forward this to the list...
WVa Bob
> Hey Bob,
>   i too have some trouble with me 3 draw bends. that first half-step
> bend usually sounds a little "muffled" or "muted", even when it's on
> pitch, even when i play it soft or loud as possible.
>   still, in the spirit of your "All Blues" exercise, check out the
> NPR interview with Kim Wilson
> (http://discover.npr.org/features/feature.jhtml?wfId=1305432) about 5
> and a half minutes in, he plays an awesome little set of riffs all on
> the 3 draw, and he shares a little wisdom on how he does it. well,
> sort of... ;)
>         --Jp
> (p.s. could ya fw this to the list? i had a little trouble posting
> from yahoo...)

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