Re: Peavey delta blues

>From: The Bernadettes <mdestefano@xxxxxxxx>
>My guitar player has one for a 2nd amp.  Ive tried it for harp, it
>sounds OK but his has proven itself to be unreliable, difficult and
>expensive to repair.  These are not very well made amps and are not very
>serviceable to repair when things go wrong.  I know a couple other
>musicians who have had the same experience with poor reliability.  I'd
>recommend against getting one.

I have to second this opinion.

The worst tube amp I ever bought was a Peavey Classic 30. Very poorly made 
with tubes mounted directly to the PC board, so that the heat caused solder 
joints to melt!!

I tried a couple of Deltas with harp -- too much gain.

I don't know a single musician who gigs a lot in my area who uses a Peavey 
tube amp as their main amp.


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