Fw: tricking - using an oysler tip

>Vadie said:
>i've often thought it would be sort of neat to take an A harp - deep,
throaty sound i like - and tune it so that it could be easily used
>for G key stuff. well, thanks again to rupert oysler, i did that very
thing today and it sounds so fat.... i love it......it takes just a
few >changes in tuning to get the G blues key scale notes but the
harp's sound is so dark even tuned - i suppose - down somewhat. it is
>so fun!!

>oh, i suppose lots of you already do this kind of thing, and that
once again, i'm late to the party....[hey, "early bird gets the worm";
>but, the late worm misses the bird!!!] but i finally found my way.
thanks again, rupert oysler.....

What tuning are you using, Vadie??
Is it one of the ones Pat Missin lists? More info, please (I'd like to
try it, too!)

- -Scorcher

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