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On Monday there's a blues jam at Ain't Nothin' But, a bar in 
Kingly St, parallel with Regents St in the West End. 
The estimable Lee Sankey is often to be heard there, as his mate Ian 
Siegel runs it. Tends to be a bit cramped and smoky, but they have 
Adnams (Suffolk Ale) on draft - at West End prices. Runs 9pm-1 am. 

On Tuesdays there's also a blues jam at the Spice of Life pub in 
Soho, behind the theatre where Les Miserables has been on for the 
last 400 years, on Moor St off Cambridge Circus, 8pm-11pm, downstairs 
in the basement (it's a long-standing jazz venue). The jam was 
started by Fran Leslie, editor of Blues in Britain mag. As always at 
these things, the music is by necessity lowish common denominator but 
there are often some good players and it's a good, convivial night 
out. And it's very central. You'll have a choice of normal Guinness 
or extra-cold....the bitter (ale) though is execrable. Don't touch it.

On Sunday, if you're in the country early enough I'd recommend the 
Red Lion, Heath St, Twickenham, 4.30-7.30 pm. But it's a half-hour 
train journey out of central London (from Waterloo). Out west though, 
so handy for Heathrow if that's your port of entry. There's a fab 
harp player down there by the name of Mark Burness (who'll be reading 
this - he posts to harp-l) who will no doubt have some weird and 
wonderful amp with some even weirder and more wonderful mods. 

If you come down to the Spice on Tuesday, please make yourself known 
and say hello. I might buy you a half. And I might ask you to sign my 
copy of Jazz Harp!(I'm the bloke with the purple JT30). 

have a good trip

Dave Dix..


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I'm traveling on business from July 7-20 in Europe.  

I'll be in London from the evening of July 13 through the evening of
July 16 (Sunday - Wednesday). I have no evening plans; pointers to jam
sessions or good places to hear great harmonica are welcome.

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