RE: Guinness (no harp)

Tom Ball says:

> A quick visit to Guinness' websight confirms it is supposed to be
that way.
> They state "it is always better served cold" and "best served at
42.8 F."
> Check it out:
> Sorry for the lack of harp content here, but this is a subject
> as near and dear to my heart as Sonny Terry.  :)


SOME folks (those who drink LESSER stuff) have to chill their beer
down to 33.0 F
- -and then sneak up on it on a HOT day, just to be able to drink it!
So, while a lot of folks would not consider a 42 degrees Bud
"chilled", to a Guinness drinker THAT'S COLD!

- -I'm with you - on both the Guinness AND Sonny Terry!

- -Scorcher

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