Re: Peavey delta blues

Patrick GALLIAND wrote:

>   Hello, Does anybody tried the Peavey Delta Blues amp for harp? I've
> seen J. Winter on a Blues Festival in France (poor man, I was schoked
> to see one of my teenage idol like that ! ) and his harp player seems
> to use one but i'm not shure, the sound was great, if you have
> information on this amp please let me know ! Thank's a lot and keep on
> harpin' PS : thank's for the anser to my other question Andrew

     I played through a Peavy "Blues 210" a while back - pretty good
tone but also a lot of feedback.This is typical of most Peavys as they
are generally fairly "hot" amps.With some tube swaps and maybe different
speakers it could be a good harp amp but would not be a first choice.

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