Rola speaker/extension cabinet wiring questions

I recently acquired a very clean Silvertone 1432 cabinet which had no
chassis, but still had what I believe may be the original Rola speaker
(codes 285949 and 15526 on the basket).  I think it would therefore date
from the 49th week of 1959...I have no idea what the 15526 code means...this
speaker doesn't have a big heavy magnet on the end of the basket, either.
Just a little cylinder about two inches in diameter, kinda copper-colored
with a U-shaped metal guard over the end... Anyone have experience with
these, and are they suitable for harmonica?

More questions...does anyone know if Danelectro (or whoever made this thing)
put Rola speakers in as original equipment?  My other 1432 had a Peavey (!)
speaker when I got it, but now sounds much better for harp with a Jensen

I would like to use the gutted one as an extension cabinet for my other 1432
in order to better deal with some overenthusiastic members of my local music
community (how is that for diplomacy?) and am wondering how best to
accomplish this.  Is it as simple as clipping the Rola speaker leads onto
the Jensen terminals?  I assume that the Jensen is an 8ohm speaker, and so
if I wire the extension cabinet properly (now would that be series or
parallel?) I can maintain the overall resistance at 8ohms and thus not blow
out the output transformer...

More harp content -  IMHO, Steve Guyger is a very good harp player, and a
great singer and frontman as well.  He puts on a hell of a show...

Have a great holiday, and keep the Guiness at whichever temperature you
prefer...although I have to side with TB on this one...


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