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This may surprise you, but Jethro Tull does a surprisingly good (and bluesy)

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> <<it's a 12 bar in
> G, with the G chords being 7ths and the C chords being
> 9ths. also, in the seventh and eighth measures, there
> is a "run of Min 7ths A, B, B flat. For the ninth and
> tenth measure d9 and D#9 are played." i have to admit,
> i'm a little shaky on what that last part all means.
>    any help/analysis would be appreciated.
>    --Jp >>
> You might want to listen to the 'classic'
> versions:
> T-Bone Walker(at least 3 different versions, some with the
> Imaj7/IImin7/IIImin7/bIIImin7/IImin/IImin6 change you mention),
> some with out the change.
> Bobby Bland- early 60's version
> Allman Brothers- live at the Fillmore with harp
> HB
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