I wanna have a big bottom end...

Maybe this is just goofy, but I'm looking for some experienced
advice...(Help, Mr. Wilson!)

I've been playing some 'tonic and doubling on electric bass guitar
with a country / gospel group lately, and I also attend an occasional
blues jam (where I get to plug in my amp!) and play 'tonic.

Some of the types of (un-amplified) music I enjoy listening to and
playing are fairly diverse (Jug/skiffle, bluegrass, norteno, country,
blues, folk, celtic, rock & roll++) & I'm considering a bass harmonica
as a way for me to contribute uniquely to the music I've been enjoying
so much.

Question is, can they be heard among the "usual" acoustic
intstruments? I play frequently with guitars, banjos, fiddles, and
mandolins acoustically (no PA, no amps, just air).

Or should I just stick with an upright bass or guitarron (or tuba)? I
really like "the bottom end" of the music, and find the idea of bass
harmonica kind of fascinating - I'm just wondering if it'd be a good
fit in my musical realm.

- -Scorcher

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