RE: What's in a Gimmick?

Smokey-Joe writes:
>   I was telling the wife (Cassie Mae) that I want to wear a cowboy
> at Dallas SPAH. She dis-agrees. Mama Cass says a hat is a "Gimmick".
<SNIP>    So what's the verdict? Should I or shouldn't I?

Absolutely! Bring a couple; For that dark, chicago-blues sound I
always wear a "Pork-Pie", for more progressive stuff, a beret, and a
Stetson or resistol for a country sound.
I prefer the warmer tone of a 4X felt to straw....

> BTW; she ALSO feels nicknames (especially mine) are a gimmick?

Oh, that's just SO JUDGEMENTAL!

- -Scorcher

AKA: Blind-Sonny-Scorcher-Boy-Jr-III

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