Re: Zurich, Vienna, London, other UK

If only your travels could take you a  l_i_t_t_l_e further, to Bude, North 
Cornwall, you could come and sample "my" session in the Tree Inn on the 
evening of the 19th!  It's Irish, Scottish and - when I can't prevail 
against the buggers - blue-grass!  They may even be persuaded to tolerate a 
little blues!  You will then be able to tell the list how bad I am!

Steve Shaw

Want more than the blues?  Try Irish!

>I'll be driving around England on vacation, probably
>Salisbury/Dorchester/Dorset and thereabouts, July 17-20.  Pointers to
>worthwhile music festivals of all sorts, as well as good places to hear
>and play local music, are welcome.
>Thanks and regards,
>Richard Hunter

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