The Teapot ... advance notice news item

We can reveal that Tiffany will be including a gold plated 'R*********e 
Harmonica Teapot' in their Christmas 'Must Have' catalog this year.

The spout is beautifully etched with a platinum filigree leading to the 
'Melodious, Just Tuned Harmonic Minor Chord Producing, Steam Initiating 
Stage Warning Indicator'. Tiffany found that the chord producer needed no 
alteration in design and has spent many months on re-designing the kettle 
to attempt to match its elegance and simple beauty.

An exact price has not yet been fixed, but it is hinted to be IRO six 
figures and change.  The teapot is extra.

Included for the buyer is a small, helpful, pamphlet written by the 
Authoress of the Harry Potter series of books entitled 'How to boil water'.


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