Zurich, Vienna, London, other UK


I'm traveling on business from July 7-20 in Europe.  I'll be in Zurich
July 8-9, and I expect to spend some time there with renowned harmonica
player and composer Roland van Straaten.

I'm in Vienna from Friday July 11 through the afternoon of Sunday July
13.  I know there's a jazz festival underway at that time in Vienna, and
I've checked out some of the acts, which look very interesting.  I'm
open to suggestions from Harp-Lers regarding good places to hear
harmonica in Vienna, as well as any jam sessions worth checking out.

I'll be in London from the evening of July 13 through the evening of
July 16 (Sunday - Wednesday). I have no evening plans; pointers to jam
sessions or good places to hear great harmonica are welcome.

I'll be driving around England on vacation, probably
Salisbury/Dorchester/Dorset and thereabouts, July 17-20.  Pointers to
worthwhile music festivals of all sorts, as well as good places to hear
and play local music, are welcome.

Thanks and regards, 
Richard Hunter

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