Blues Week at Augusta Heritage Center, WV

Last call for Blues Week. Last call for Blues Week. July13 - 19.

Blues harmonica teachers by day are Carlos del Junco, Phil Wiggins and Grant 

Carlos - one of the best examples of traditional and contemporary approaches 
combined. Along with Paul deLay, he is the freshest of the diatonic voices.

Phil - simply the best acoustic tone on the planet (IMO) and a master of the 
Piedmont style.

Grant - combination of traditional and old time styles and a great teacher.

I teach an evening mini-class. This year the focus is on "The Groove and How 
to Get It", using Kim Wilson's Momentum Style of Playing as inspiration.

Elkins, WV and the campus of Davis & Elkins College are magic places. This is 
an experience not to be missed.

The Iceman

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