SPAH 2003 and... Joke of the day!!

SPAH 2003 ... Harvey Hotel, Irving, Texas ... 19 - 23rd August 2003

YES!!! ... less than 50 days to S P A H   2003

INFORMATION???   It's all here --->>
This site is updated almost daily with the latest news.

Who is performing??? It's all on the website!!!  :))

However... just for a taster ...

Note: We will keep you updated of changes and additions as we get closer to 
the show.

                                Norton Buffalo
   Dallas Harmonica Trio
                         Fata Morgana
                                                   Mark Ford
      Mark Graham / Tom Sauber
                               Harmonica Hotshots - Al & Judy
                                                   Paul Harrington
          Kirk "Jellyroll" Johnson
                                       Jimmy Lee
  Gregoire Maret
                         Sam Myers / Anson & The Rockets
                                                               Paul Osher
   Mike Turk / Jon Wheatley
                                        Phil Wiggins

You can see pictures and listen to sound clips where???   of course!!!


Question...  " Do you know what will happen if you DON'T go to SPAH?"
Answer...    " Absolutely nothing!!!!

(except that you will miss one of the most exceptional gatherings of 
harmonica players ever!)

The information below is the same each Ad.

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