Acoustic v electric

> You ought to do most >of your practicing acoustically >to develop a true
tone. >For the same reason, you'll >never see any good guitarist >practicing
through the >amp. I think it's true that
> developing your mic technique is important but, like I >said, your
acoustic tone is a much higher priority.
Now hold on just a second.  I don't claim to be Joe Walsh, but I think
that's a big overgeneralized.  Most guitarists I know (including me) do
practice amplified a great deal of the time.  A lot of a guitarist's
signature is amplified tone.  True, that me playing a guitar sounds
different than you playing the same guitar - attack, technique, use/non-use
of plectrum, how you hold/use the plectrum, pressure on the strings, things
like that all make a difference, just like difference in breath control,
strength, oral cavity, etc., matters on harp.  But part of the development
of electric tone is through practice of the tone itself.  I actually
consciously alter my technique on guitar (and harp) to achieve different
tonal effects.  Most players I talk to do the same.
So, go ahead and practice acoustically.  But don't neglect practicing
electronically, as well.

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