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ironmancurtis@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< However, I don't like when I'm forced to use a timbre that I may not want 
because the instrument is limited - or worse (and how I tend to reason), 
because my own technique is lacking.  I think it's a fine goal to TRY to make all 
of our notes sound as even as we possibly can, and with all the different 
timbres we can muster.  I spend a lot of time working on making all my notes sound 
as alike as I can get them.  My goal is to get my valved diatonic to sound as 
seamless as a well played chromatic. >>

levy addressed this...he said that one goal was to be able to play every note 
as similar to all the other notes as possible, with as little coloration as 
possible.  he also pointed out that overbends (and traditional bends) ~do~ 
sound different from unbent notes, and you should also strive to be able exploit 
these differences.  
the goal is to control the technique, not have the technique control you.
easier typed that done.

steven j gatorman

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