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For clean harp, any mic with a clean sound and pristine highs will work. =
 Good vocal mics are well suited.

I have a cut from my CD, Moulin Rouge = , that was recorded in studio =
(harp in rack - I'm also playing guitar on this track), using a Neumann =
U87, about 15" in front of and above the harp. =20

At around $3000, though, it's probably a little impractical to be =
dragging to the local biker bar.  Fortunately, there are a lot of very =
reasonably priced, good quality condenser mics (including some =
surprisingly good electrets) available.

 -- mike

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  So much is said about blues players , their syles of playing, the amps =
and set ups that give you that perfect sound that your looking for. But =
what about the great clean players ,the accoustic sound like Levy, Mike =
Turk, Toots, Charlie McCoy,Doug Tate just to name a very few. What is =
their mic of choice. do they play through an amp or through the pa =
system. What type of particulars do they require when they set up. This =
is what I'd like to hear about. Jerl

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